Puppy Love.
Thursday, September 11, 2014 // 0 comment(s)

So hi!
basically, i know a lot of teenagers these days are putting way too much interest in what they call "love". i don't really wanna judge what they're feeling about it, or from their point of view what love really is, but i'd write something today that'll at least open up a little bit (or probably the littlest) piece of your mind, teenagers.

I am, my self, a teenager as said in my bio, i am 18. So, writing this is kinda based on my own experience and of course spices of life (LOL). I really hope i could deliver this particular post directly to all so called "in-love" teenagers out there because i honestly understand 100% or more.

At this age, feelings is something so beyond normal. Believe me it is normal! yes! it's normal to have a crush on this person or that person, it's normal to wanna be loved by the one you "love" and all those lovey dovey thingy. BUT, trust me when I say, it's not gonna be worth it. Especially the worthless worries and tears you gonna waste a few moments after, because usually this kinda feelings will lead you only to being broken-hearted, yup.

All this is not not going to matter as much a few years to come. Even just a year, you'll probably forget everything. When you look back at your past, your puppy love story, you'll only laugh at how stupid you used to be. so, in order to live with no stupidity and regrets and worthless broken heart, O teenagers out there, at this age, all you should be doing is SET YOUR GOAL, NOT being busy with "love".

Either your goal is to be a millionaire or to be a person worthy of loving, SET YOUR GOAL at this very moment. This is a fresh age, where your brain works at its best. Stop it, these wasting time activities such as being in a relationship. Be a person who has ambition and goals, and the true love will come to you at the right time, eventually. Don't worry about finding the right person, just focus on being the right person.


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